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About the Show

The Story

Douglas Dire's world is one of isolation. Once a decorated Iraq War veteran, he now roams the streets haunted by the memory of friends lost in combat. With a fleeting grip on reality, a dark past full of unresolved pain, and a hopeless future, Douglas stumbles upon a ring in an empty parking lot that forces him to confront a secret he didn't know he was keeping.



Licensed Music


Pause for Dramatic Effect was a 2019 People's Choice Podcast Awards nominee in the Fiction and Storyteller - Drama categories.

Production Notes

  • Features friends and family (both volunteers and strong-armed)
  • Homemade Foley sound effects using a ZOOM H4N Pro
  • Pre-recorded music from
  • Pre-selected, one-word writting prompt that is the title of each episode (that had to be included in the story)
  • Episode scripts written the day before (and sometimes day-of) recording each episode
  • In-house recording and audio editing done with Adobe Audition
  • Additional voices (uncredited) by Kyle M. Bondo who filled to be all of extra character voices (of which there were several)